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User-Agent Search Box

  The whole database is searched for the specified keywords. The default keyword separator is a comma character. If you want to search a number of keyphrases, you may use either "++" (the OR operator) or "&&" (the AND operator) as your boolean operator. Wildcards (* ?) are allowed.

All records will be displayed if nothing is entered to the search box.



Example 1: Enter nothing , press "Start Search" to display all entries.
Example 2: Enter Google,WAP,Proxy or Google++WAP++Proxy, press "Start Search" to find any of the words.
Example 3: Enter search robot or search&&robot to find an exact match.
Example 4: Enter a date or a part of a date in continental form (*ddmmyy*) enclosed with asterisks to find an entry from a particular day or date range..

Search Database | Homepage