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    Hi Ryzom & Crowd,

    First, let me say how I appreciate your efforts. Kudos.
    If I can help in any way, please let me know.

    For instance, I'd be glad to write a dynamic XML server that creates an XML file on-the-fly using the internal database, so the XML file will always be up-to-date without extra maintenance.

    In the meantime, when experimenting with a parser for the XML file, I noticed a few errors in the XML file, and thus probably in the database. Please see the resuts below. I included the ID code, so correcting these errors should be easy.

    Hope this is of help.


    -- Bas. --


    Three user-agent strings have the wrong value in the TYPE field, which can cause problems when parsing,
    These are:

    ID: «id_g_m_211208_3»
    User-Agent: "Labrador/0.2;;"
    TYPE contents: ""
    -> Should be moved to COMMENT; actual content should be "CR"

    ID: «id_new_160110_1»
    User-Agent: " Crawler/ ( Crawler"
    -> Should be moved to DESCRIPTION; actual content should be "CR"
    -> Link1 field contains IP address, not link; should be mopved to COMMENT

    ID: «id_moz_921»
    User-Agent: "Mozilla/4.08 [en] (Win98; U ;Nav)"
    -> Should be moved to DESCRIPTION or deleted; actual content should be "B"

    Then there are 8 (eight) user-agent strings that appear twice in the database. As each user-agent string is supposed to be unique, this is probably an error and can cause ambiguity problems when locating a UA string. The data for these records should be combined into a single record.

    These 8 are:

    Double entry found: "BlackWidow"
    «id_a_f_010306_1» Description: "BlackWidow web site scanner / downloading tool"
    «id_a_f_115» Description: "FS Consulting (was Black Widow web crawler"

    Double entry found: "DataCha0s/2.0"
    «id_a_f_212» Description: "Unknown bot from Kornet Korea ( scans for Perl Awstats"
    «id_a_f_101106_1» Description: "Unknown UA looking for Awstats Perl components"

    Double entry found: "lwp-trivial/1.34"
    «id_g_m_653» Description: "Search4free robot"
    «id_g_m_654» Description: "Search4free robot"

    Double entry found: "lwp-trivial/1.35"
    «id_g_m_655» Description: "Expert HTML online source viewer"
    «id_g_m_656» Description: "Expert HTML online source viewer"

    Double entry found: "Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing Provider Protocol Discovery"
    «id_g_m_703» Description: "MS Office 2000 acting as WebDAV client"
    «id_g_m_704» Description: "Server probe for data access operations using MS Frontpage with OPTION header"

    Double entry found: "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; fr; rv:1.8.1) VoilaBot BETA 1.2 ("
    «id_moz_060508_2» Description: " robot"
    «id_moz_080608_2» Description: " robot"

    Double entry found: "RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)"
    «id_n_s_070406_2» Description: "StreamBox VCR user agent"
    «id_n_s_1182» Description: "Real Media server acting as client"

    Double entry found: "Strategic Board Bot (+"
    «id_n_s_140906_2» Description: "Strategic Board blogs and news aggregator robot"
    «id_n_s_060106_1» Description: "Strategic Board blog & news search robot"
    » id_n_s_060106_1 - Description "Strategic Board blog & news search robot"